All of our services are custom built to fit your needs. When you hire Small Dog Video, you decide how long you want your coverage time to be. All of our coverage options include a full length film featuring all the events of your day. The length of your film depends on the day's events and how much you would like Small Dog Video to cover. 

Additional Options:

  • Trailer - This is a short and high impact film featuring your very best moments. It is typically two to three minutes in length, and designed to be shared online with your friends in just a matter of days. Keep the buzz going and people talking, long after the celebration ends.
  • Cinematic Reel - This is a medium length film, highlighting the main events and most exciting moments of your day. Five to seven minutes in length, it captures all the details of your event, including the people who matter the most. It is designed not only for you, but for your family and guests to enjoy.
  • Highlight - This is the longest film we offer, highlighting not only the main events, but everything that was captured that day. No longer than 10 minutes in length, it is a traditional style film that tells your story from beginning to end. This is a great option for those who would like to look back, re-visit, and remember the occasion in it's entirety.
  • Concept Video - This presentational piece is produced prior to your event and shot on location. Share your couple story or feature your child in his or her own music video. We can produce an entertaining skit or mock-umentary. Perhaps you would like to create a tribute video designed to honor an awardee or loved one. Whatever the purpose, we listen to your vision and creatively work with you to achieve it.      

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Corporate shoots begin at $600. Half and full day packages are available. Post production services are billed by the hour. Call us today to discuss the goals of your project and what you need to accomplish.