Small Dog Video is led by Craig White, whose passion for personal story-telling is in his DNA.  As a young child, Craig loved the fun experiences his mom would recount from her travels abroad as an international flight attendant.  Always tinkering with equipment (cameras, photography and video recorders), Craig studied Visual and Media Arts at Emerson College.  Following Emerson, Craig fulfilled his dream of telling stories in Hollywood.  He had the chance to work as a production and visual effects assistant on films such as “The Matrix Reloaded” / “The Matrix Revolutions” (Warner Brothers), “Live from Baghdad” (HBO), and “The Son of the Mask” (New Line Cinema). 

Interested in being closer to family, Craig took his Hollywood experiences back to the east coast.  He found his calling in telling individual stories (weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs) as videographer for Suburban Video and CPR Multi Media Solutions.

With 10+ years of videography experience shooting live events in both North America and Europe, Small Dog Video is excited to cover your event and deliver a personalized story to capture your very best moments.